In Real-Time: an Instagram Plug-in for WordPress


New: v1.5

In Real-Time is a different kind of Instagram plug-in. Using the Instagram Real-time API, this plug-in is developed for users that want posts created automatically for each photo, rather than have a widget or post with images embedded. Developed for Devs but useful for all.


  • Instagram Real-time API integration so posts on your WordPress blog are created automatically when you post an image on Instagram.
  • Set Publish State, Category, Author, Comments and Pingback preferences for posts.
  • Choose which images to insert into posts as well as settings for Featured Images.
  • Image #hashtags automatically inserted as post tags.
  • Batch import all previous Instagram posts with one click. (use sparingly!)
  • Optional email notifications.



I posted a photo to Instagram but a post on my blog wasn’t created!?!

Don’t worry. There seem to be a couple of gremlins in the Instagram Real-time service from time to time. The In Real-Time plug-in compensates for this by requesting the previous 8 posts and checking to see if the images have been saved to your server. The missing post(s) should be created the next time you post to Instagram.

In addition, Instagram uses what they call the “2 second rule.” This rule basically states that if your server consistently doesn’t respond to the post-back within 2 seconds, the Instagram service will throttle back posts to your server to up to an hour. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to the codebase for this. If you are experiencing this issue, you may need a better host!

I’m getting PHP errors with the install and posts aren’t created…

I’ve noticed that there are a few hosting configurations that cause issues with both writing the preferences and image files to the server. Windows servers and PHP in safe mode both seem to have issues, at the moment. I’m investigating a fix for these issues.

I use Opera and set-up won’t work!

It appears as though the Instagram website, which is needed for OAuth and setting your token, doesn’t play well with Opera. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Still have an issue?

Create an issue on GitHub. This plug-in is in active development and any code based issues will be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Triplenickel

    Hi, I’m using WordPress Version 3.4.2… any tips on what would cause WordPress to not save settings in the In Real-Time Settings? Tried a few times and everytime I go back nothing has been saved… looks like a file permission somewhere… which?

    • heckchuckman

      could be a permissions issue. make sure your plug-ins > in-real-time dir has rwxr-xr-x (755) permissions. email me directly if you still have an issue. I hope this helps.

      • triplenickel ¯_(ツ)_

        I’m thinking that… gone in an looked at irt-options.php nothing saved there… could edit all there… I’ll check permissions and try again… cheers :)

        • heckchuckman

          hmmm. OK, that is strange. I’ll make sure a false safe for this goes in the next update this weekend. thanks!

      • triplenickel ¯_(ツ)_

        The directory had permissions set correctly but irt-options file was set to 644… I’ll try saving again with 755! ;)

      • triplenickel ¯_(ツ)_

        Managed to grab the error window that briefly flashed up in the In Real-Time admin page… the fields had been filled in but when going back to the page they were not saved? Hope this helps…


        Warning: fopen(irt-options.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/..blarblar../wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-editor.php on line 48 Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/..blarblar../wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-editor.php on line 49 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/..blarblar../wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-editor.php on line 50 your settings have been saved.

        Cheers :)

  • Dennis

    Hi! Just like to ask what’s causing this? Ive tried the permissions and they are correct. “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /myurlfolder/wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-functions.php on line 142″ Thanks! :)

    • heckchuckman

      When are you getting this warning? Thanks!

      • Dennis

        When i click the button to take all the past photos.

        Its also not sending my instagram posts and not creating posts. Ive properly set up the api though. id be happy with whatever tips you could let me try :) thanks

        • heckchuckman

          Hi Dennis, could you turn on email notifications and send me an email directly with the result? Thanks.

          • Steve

            Chuck, I’m getting this same error. I have email settings turned on but the error occurs before any calls to send email. I think the problem is in line 6 of irt-getall.php. It tries to build a URL using $irtOptions['userID'] and $irtOptions['accessToken'] but the value for both of those elements in $irtOptions is an empty string.

          • Steve

            This resolved for me.

            I opened the settings page “…/wp-admin/admin.php?page=inrealtime”

            I clicked Review Client Info.

            I clicked Authenticate.

            I see that the missing user id and access token are now filled in.

            I’m not sure if I missed this step the first time or if there is another issue.

      • agiri

        I’m getting the same exact error. Has there been any updates on this issue?

  • Gustavo González

    Hello, I just installed the plugin. I used the “Get all images” option to create new posts and works fine but I saw that I forget to attach a feature image. I deleted all posts and try again to “get all images” but doesn’t works anymore. Can I reset the settings or something?

    • heckchuckman

      Hi Gustavo, you need to delete the images in the in-realtime-images directory in your uploads directory. The plug-in checks each image before it downloads the image to your server. I hope that helps!

      • Gustavo González

        That works for me, thanks!!!

  • pettzon

    Hey! got the same error as “dennis”. Anything to tryout?

    • heckchuckman

      Hi, could you turn on email notifications and send me an email directly with the result? Thanks.

  • Alex

    I have installed the plugin and configured the API as instructed. But no images are being posted. Have I missed something? Many thanks for any help

    • Alex

      I have checked permissions for plug-ins > in-real-time dir has rwxr-xr-x (755). But still no luck. I hope someone can help?

  • George

    I have installed and correctly configured the plugin, but when a post is automatically created a jpg is also supposed to be downloaded, but all the jpg files in the /in-realtime-images directory are 0 bytes. The post is being created correctly. If it is a php error like you mention above what are the settings i need to change in my php configuration.

    • heckchuckman

      Are you running PHP in SafeMode? I’ll have an update in the next day or so that will hopefully either address this issue or give you more information to troubleshoot.

      Thanks ~ C

  • propermonkey

    When i click get all i recieve this message at the bottom

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/pmonkey/public_html/ on line 142
    0 new posts created.

    any help would be great

    • heckchuckman

      Hi – I’ve uncovered the issue here. From reviewing the forum, it appears as though there are some issues with the API not returning an asset URL. I’m working on a fix for this right now. More to follow in the next day or so.

      Thanks ~ C

      • propermopnkey

        any good news on that fix?

        • heckchuckman

          yep. in final testing now.

  • Bri


    I also had the same issue as Gustavo where the posts are not generating when I click on “Get All Images” even though I deleted all the old images from my media library. Everything else works though! Thanks for building such an awesome plug-in.

    • heckchuckman

      Hi Bri,

      Is this still an issue for you? Getting all images can take a while. Let me know!


  • tonecapo

    How do I configure the userID and AccessToken? The plugin is not working (nothing is posting to my wordpress blog) and this is the error I receive when I attempt the retrieve all photos: “It appears that your UserID or AccessToken is not yet configured! Please complete the configuration process before using this functionality.”

    • tonecapo

      Okay, I’ve dug deeper and I cannot get instagram to authorize, I receive this error when I click Authorize in the pop-up:

      Authorization Failed!

      Please check your configuration and try again.

      !!! Make sure your plug-ins folder is accessible to the public and not password protected !!!

      I have the plugins directory and the in real-time plugin directory set to CHMOD 757

      • tonecapo

        I’ve made the plugins directory and every file in the in real-time plugin folder executable to the public with no password. Still In Real-Time throws the error: Authorization Failed!

        Please check your configuration and try again.

        !!! Make sure your plug-ins folder is accessible to the public and not password protected !!!

        I am using Linux hosting by GoDaddy

        • Alicia

          Hi Tonecapo – I getting the same error. Where you ever able to resolve it. Also where is the Plug-ins folder that I need to make public as the error is noting? Any help much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Your Fantromie

    i’m getting this error when i try to authenticate:

    Warning: require_once(/var/chroot/home/content/97/10032097/html/wp-config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/97/10032097/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-functions.php on line 8

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/var/chroot/home/content/97/10032097/html/wp-config.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_3/lib/php’) in /home/content/97/10032097/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/in-real-time/irt-functions.php on line 8

    • cdtlicious

      Did you ever get a response about this or figure it out? I’m getting the exact same error when trying to authenticate.

    • Gabriel Andrade

      I’m having the same problem. you could solve?

    • Sebastiaan Scheer

      got exactly the same message

  • Filippo

    With the last wordpress up-date 3.5.1 the plugin in not working anymore!
    I have this error when i try to authenticate:
    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    • Filippo

      Thank you for your attention! :)

  • Francisco Pereira

    The authenticate button in the configuraton page isn’t working.

  • Olivia

    thank you for the amazing plugin :) got ALL my 300-something instagram photos into my blog. i spent the whole sunday trying to figure out how to do this with no success. not i got all i wanted :))

  • Maurizio Martinoli

    when i try to authorize instagram i get internal server error

    by looking at the logs i get

    [Sun Apr 14 22:00:58 2013] [error] [client] – – End of script output before headers: irt-callback.php[Sun Apr 14 22:00:58 2013] [error] [client] – – AH01215: suexec policy violation: see suexec log for more details[Sun Apr 14 22:00:52 2013] [error] [client] – – End of script output before headers: irt-editor.php, referer Apr 14 22:00:52 2013] [error] [client] – – AH01215: suexec policy violation: see suexec log for more details, referer

    any clue?

  • Alicia

    I keep getting the following error “!!! Make sure your plug-ins folder is accessible to the public and not password protected !!!” What and where is my “plug-ins folder”? On my computer, server, WordPress, Instagram Account? Thank you!

  • Nicholas Jayanty

    Hi Chuck! So excited about getting this plug in operating, but I am not able to authorize it after going through my Client Secret / Client ID steps. I am running WordPress 3.8. Additionally the plug in won’t save my settings. I’m using Chrome as a browser as well.